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The Women's Cookery Collective

The Women’s Cookery Collective was Est. in 1999. The Collective began life, like so many other things, in a very small way. 4 women, in their late 60’s, early 70’s, were excellent cooks and had been cooking for most of their life. They were grannies and wanted to earn extra cash either for their families or to save up for a trip to Mecca. They approached Julia and she agreed to market the Collective and put events together. Since 1999 it has grown and provides extra money and skills for women from the community.


All our food is Halaal

The Women’s Cookery Collective has a great track record. Events catered for include the opening and closing ceremonies of the Women’s Film Festival; events at the Centre for the Book; publishing and advertising companies; private and corporate functions and NGO’s.

The Collective specialises in traditional Cape cuisine and offers a homely, friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Guests can enjoy themselves and relax in a warm space with sweet vibes.


Sample menus
The following examples will easily feed 10 people


Eastern Delights
Meat and veg samoosas, veg and mince spring rolls R115.00


Spice of Life
Sausage rolls, pies, cocktail pizzas, veg and mince pies R115.00


Sweet Tastes
Koeksusters and jam and coconut tarts R110.00

Also available are home made cakes, (milk tart, rich cheesecake) and absolutely fabulous fancy cakes. We cater for events providing snacks and wonderful food including on the vegetarian side roti, breyani and curries and on the meat side, roti, lamb, mince and chicken curry, breyanis, bredies.


Call Julia for information on 685 1257 or fax on 686 9295